Neighborhood Revitalization

At Parker Street Ministries, “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood” is not just a clever mantra – it’s the truth of God and a way of life. Here’s how we do it.

Moving renters to home owners is a long term strategy for Parker Street Ministries. Home owners are less transient and more financially stable. Parker Street Ministries partners with the Midtown CRA, Keystone Challenge Fund, Habitat for Humanity and the City of Lakeland to revitalize the Parker Street neighborhood through home renovation and neighborhood beautification. The rationale behind PSM’s ownership of homes is to sell or rent these homes to neighborhood residents. This results in stabilizing residents thereby reducing the high turnover rate within the neighborhood. Check out these photos of houses that are a part of this initiative.



The housing initiative also involves responding to code violations. Work is identified by the staff and work teams are asked to raise the funds needed (cost varies) to make the necessary repairs. This is just another way to stabilize the neighborhood and make is a desirable place to live.

In a neighborhood where almost 75% of the residents are renters, PSM recognizes the reality that many cannot qualify to be home owners. As part of the long term plan for the neighborhood, PSM desires to ensure renters have quality experiences and are stabilized as well. This involves both providing rental housing as well as helping renters and homeowners have positive relationships.

Saturdays are often revitalization days in our neighborhood with many churches and community organizations providing volunteers to work on homes and general neighborhood projects. Find out how you can be a part of our housing initiative by contacting